Proposed by GADeS, Gruppo Aimeta di Dinamica e Stabilità

The AIMETA group of Dynamics and Stability – GADeS – promotes two mini-symposia with the aim of improving the scientific interaction between researchers from different backgrounds, operating in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Dynamical Systems, Applied Mechanics and Machine Dynamics, Solid and Structural Dynamics, independently from the scientific sector, thus in coherence with the AIMETA's statutory spirit.


Francesco D’Annibale*, Manuel Ferretti* and Maurizio Romeo**

* DICEAA, University of L’Aquila
** DIMA, University of Genoa

The proposed mini-symposium offers multi-disciplinary topics; a non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Linear and nonlinear dynamics of mechanical systems
  • Dynamics, stability and bifurcation of complex materials and structures: micro-structured and architectured materials, periodic structures, homogenized lattices and metamaterials
  • Micro e Nano dynamical systems
  • Buckling and post-buckling of structures
  • Nonconservative stability problems in structural mechanics
  • Thermodynamics of viscoelastic media
  • Electro-elastic coupling in continuum mechanics
  • Wave propagation: dispersive laws, dissipation