Vittorio Gusellaa) and Antonina Pirrottab)

  1. Dipartimento Di Ingegneria Civile Ed Ambientale, Università Degli Studi di Perugia,
  2. Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Università Degli Studi di Palermo,


The objective of this mini-symposium is to present recent advances, and discuss current and emerging cross-disciplinary approaches in the broad fields of computational stochastic dynamics and signal processing with a focus on civil engineering applications. Specific topics related both to fundamental research and to civil engineering applications of signal processing and computational stochastic dynamics will be considered. A non-exhaustive list includes: joint time-frequency analysis tools, spectral analysis/estimation subject to highly incomplete/sparse data, stochastic/fractional calculus, stochastic/fractional algebraic/differential equations, fractional derivatives system modeling and analysis, nonlinear stochastic dynamics, stochastic stability and control theory, spectral stochastic methods, multi-scale/physics stochastic modeling and analysis, stochastic model reduction techniques, stochastic inverse problems, Monte Carlo simulation methods, as well as uncertainty propagation/quantification and risk/reliability assessment applications.