Francesco Paolo Pinnola1, Marzia Sara Vaccaro1

  1. Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture, University of Naples Federico II, via Claudio 21, Naples 80125, Italy

Small-scale systems, new-generation nanocomposites, multiscale innovative materials and structures, are nowadays topics of major interest in scientific literature due to recent ad-vancements in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Notably, a great interest is growing in exploring potential of miniaturized and nano-enhanced systems in Aerospace, Civil, En-vironmental and Biomedical Engineering, due to their superior mechanical, electrical and thermal features. For design and optimization of smaller and smaller devices and for model-ing of innovative materials, advanced methods are indispensable and specific issues must be considered. For instance, size-effects usually produce long-range interactions that cannot be neglected at micro- and nano-scale, or some new materials show time-dependent phenomena that cannot be modeled by the local theory of elasticity, nanocomposite and fillers require enhanced theoretical and computational methodologies to assess significantly their effective mechanical properties. 

In this context, the Mini-symposium aims at expanding knowledge about modeling, anal-ysis and realization of multiscale innovative materials and structures. Specifically, deeping new insights in nonlocal continuum mechanics, depth discussions about enhanced formula-tions and methodologies in viscoelasticity, advanced static and dynamical models for design of small-scale structures and scientific debates concerning these topics will be welcome. Contributions in physics, materials science, solids mechanics, biomechanics, dynamics of structures and nanomechanics are particularly encouraged. Authors may discuss theoretical aspects, computational methods, modelling techniques, interpretation of experimental data and simulation issues.

Suggested focus topics (not limited to): 

  • nonlocal continua
  • multiscale physic phenomena 
  • micro- and nano-mechanics 
  • mechanics of nanocomposites 
  • fractional calculus in nonlocal mechanics 
  • fracture mechanics