V. Armenio*; R. Camussi**, M. Felli***; M. Gennaretti ***

*DIA, University of Trieste, Italy
** DING, University of “Roma Tre”, Italy
*** INM, CNR, Rome, Italy

Analysis of fluid mechanic noise is of primary importance in a number of industrial and environmental applications. The acoustic pollution problems and their own impact on the environment, the stringent regulations concerning sea and air transportation industry, the development of safe, sustainable and quite urban air mobility systems as well as the paramount importance of noise mitigation and control in military applications are just few examples of the growing attention toward development of theoretical and numerical tools as well as novel experimental techniques able to perform reliable noise analysis and predictions.  
The mini-symposium will be mainly devoted to the sound generation and propagation as well as noise induced vibration problems in low speed applications (i.e. Ma<0,3) and will be focused on both methodological and physical aspects.
The main topic of the present Mini-symposium is to bring together scientists engineers and practitioners to check where we stand and the direction where research and technological transfer of know how should be addressed.

Keywords: hydroacoustics; aeroacoustics; acoustic analogy; noise propagation in a real medium;